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HSO Report
Crew 131
December 9, 2013
Elise Reeves
Today, Crew 131 had a pretty relaxed day. One of the crew-members took two Ibuprofen to relieve some general discomfort from sleeping the previous night. Five members of the crew reported being sore today from yesterday’s workout study. However, the crew simply handled it with a few stretches and relaxation. The remaining three crew-members who did not go on an EVA yesterday, went on an EVA today. They rode out on the Hab’s ATVs and experienced heavy exposure to the cold weather. However, upon their return, the members of the crew who stayed behind prepared hot soup and bread for the returners, and the returners were quickly warmed back up J! One crew-member continues to experience cold-like symptoms, and an additional crew member has reported feeling sick. Although the symptoms are minor, they are continually encouraged to drink warm tea, however no medicine has been administered thus far. Contact with the Flight Surgeon was finally established and a full test of remote medical support was carried out.