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HSO Report
Crew 131
December 11, 2013
Elise Reeves
It is now Wednesday, and the first EVA group went out on their second EVA today. It was the first time this group was able to use the Hab’s ATVs. Unfortunately, due to the snowy conditions and the slightly iced-over roads, two of the crewmembers had slight accidents with ATV’s at the bottom of a hill. The first member of EVA group 1 simply spun out, while trying to avoid a snowdrift at the bottom on the hill and luckily encountered no injuries. The second member of EVA group 1, was following behind, and upon seeing the first crewmember struggling at the bottom of the path, swerved to avoid hitting them. Unfortunately, in attempts to avoid hitting the other ATV, crew member 2, adjusted the direction of the ATV too harshly, and caused the ATV to flip. Crew member 2 reported to be just fine, but upon return to the Hab, reported discomfort in their elbow and calf area. Wrapping the affected areas, and advising the crewmember to take it easy for the duration of the evening was how the crew decided to treat the injury. Two of the members of Crew 131 continue to feel symptoms of a slight cold, however, it remains mild and bearable.