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Journalist Report
Antoine Juhel

After yesterday’s eventful EVA we decided to take the time to relax in order to make sure the rest week and a half stays incident free. We took this opportunity to clean around the Hab and reorganize our personal affairs. Our crew Health Safety Officer inventoried all of the medical supplies and equipment, while the rest of the crew tended to more routine household tasks, such as cleaning dishes and setting mice traps. You might ask yourself what mice are doing on Mars. They were first brought in by the previous crew for various research purposes focused on increasing the intelligence of rodents. Their research was quite successful and the mice acquired a higher level of intelligence, so much so they escaped their cages and are now running free in the Hab. These unwanted occupants have been roaming around some of our crew member’s sleeping quarters which is why we are taking more proactive approach to the problem.

EVA team 2 was supposed to go on their second Rover EVA this afternoon but only two out of their three person team could go as one of the Rovers had a dead battery resulting from the sub-zero temperatures at night. However before heading out they were able to enjoy a game of catch, much like Al Sheppard played golf on the moon during Apollo 14.

During that time, two of our crew members took the available down time to take the Explorer capsule to the nearest space station to collect equipment and telescope supplies. We plan on using the Hab’s telescope tomorrow night to track a meteorite that is passing dangerously close to Martian atmosphere. In the meanwhile the remaining crew members were able to take advantage of the repaired water system and finally take a much needed shower.