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HSO Report
Crew 131
December 13, 2013
Elise Reeves

Another laid back day here with Crew 131. We woke up with the high intensity workout for the exercise study, followed by an EVA with EVA Team 1. It was a simple flat-walk EVA, however one crewmember experienced lower back discomfort from wearing the EVA suit. Upon returning to the Hab, one of the crewmembers made a heat pack for returning member’s lower back. In addition to application of the heat pack, the discomforted member laid down for approximately an hour and a half. Afterwards, the crewmember reported almost full recovery, however we will monitor their condition, which will dictate participation in any future EVAs. Apart from that slight hiccup, Crew 131 is operating at peak performance, and is excited to be approaching 1-week mark of staying here at MDRS, tomorrow.