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Commander Report
Nick Orenstein

Commander's Log, Mars Date 1320101.12

Today, to mark the first day of the Earth year, we planted the first seeds of life here on Mars. The crew joined GreenHab Officer Parrish and myself in the greenhouse for a ceremonial planting. The renovated Zen Garden is now incubating our fledgling settlement's promises and hopes. These seeds seed my visions of lush, green, sustaining life in an otherwise hostile world.
Martian expeditions take on a multitude of roles, and Noah's Ark is certainly one of the more formidable ones. We have taken life from Earth, uprooted just enough of it, and given it safe passage across the vastness of space. Just as Noah did, we escape societal and environmental dangers to start fresh. To breath life anew.
At the same time, today also marked the end of life of one of our several astrobiology samples. This was a routine part of the biology team's work, but I was struck by the synchronicity. Single-celled organisms succumbed to science as complex plant life encountered genesis.
The circle of life spins on, evolving and expanding as we humble human explorers push the boundary ever outwards.


Commander Check-In Report
Nick Orenstein

Crew Physical Status: 

Eva Depart Time: n/a
Eva Return Time: n/a
EVA Highlights : n/a

Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
Crew Engineer got ATV 4 working. Details in Engineering report.

Report Transmission Schedule:
Commander Check-In
Engineering Report
HSO Report
Future EVA Plan
Science Report (Biology)
Science Report (GreenHab)
Daily Photos
Journalist Report
Commander Log
Supplemental Report - Radio Astronomy
Supplemental Report - Spacesuit Shim Sham

Plans for Tomorrow:
Final EVA. Starting to wrap up routine work as mission nears its end.


Support Requests:

1) Tell future crews that the "free" Internet period begins at 2am Mars time, not 12am. Details are available on the "Download Allowance Status" link at www.systemcontrolcenter.com