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Science Report
Michael C. Bouchard

Yesterday I cataloged the final set of Geologic samples collected from my final EVA, and ran them 
through our Ultra-Violet Spectrometer prototype. I got similar data to the last two batches but will 
not be able to fully analyze it until I return to my University where I have access to image 
processing software. This means I have completed the data acquisition for all three of my projects.  I 
completed my equipment survey for the last EVA as well. I have spent majority of today working on 
finalizing documentation for all of the projects. Now I am writing up a comprehensive research report. 
It will summarize the results from each of my three projects, as well as my intended future work. I 
will compile everything I have learned into a paper that I will submit to a planetary conference. I 
will continue my work and will complete the research report tomorrow. I will then pack up the 
spectrometer and my personal gear, help inventory the EVA equipment, and clean the habitat for the 
next crew. I have already outlned the planetary paper and if I have time I will begin to draft it.