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-Space Suit Mobility
-Check Coms Systems 
-Test entire EVA procedure (prep, planning, checklists, day before, day of, waypoints, post)

EVA Commander: Nick Orenstein (radio, GPS 1, suit #7)
Coms and Nav: Charles Parrish (radio, GPS 2, suit # 8)
Participant: Hiroyuki Miyajima (radio, suit # 9)
Participant: Ian Etter (radio, suit # 10)
Habitat Support CapCom (HSCC): Michael Bouchard (radio, no suit)

EVA Stats: 
Date: 12/24/2013
Start Time: 10:00 am //start suiting up and time
Turn Back Time: 12:30
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 0.4-1.6 km form habitat
Forecast: Sunny 35 high, light and variable wind, low of 17 in evening

Waypoints: //pick 3-4 points on a map that you plan to reach during your traverse and check in with HSCC when you reach these locations. Also Check in with HSCC every half hour. 
1) UTM 27, 12S, 518230mE 4250740mN
Loc: Just North of the Habitat
Time: around 10:15AM
Action: Practice Waypoint Check-in Procedure
2) UTM 27, 12S, 518375mE 4251375mN
Loc: South West corner of Mt. Zeus (crew 132 terminology)
Time: around 11:00PM
Action: Check Coms Distance
3) UTM 27, 12S, 518500mE 4251750mN
Loc: North of Mt. Zeus
Time: around 11:30PM
Action: Check line of site interference with coms 
4) UTM 27, 12S, 519100mE 4251750mN
Loc: ATV trail, directly east of waypoint 3, a fork in the road
Time: around 12:30PM
Action: Establish path home