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Journalists Report
Ian Etter

The crew gathered promptly at 08:00. After a morning yoga routine led by Commander Orenstein, we sat for a breakfast of cereal, dried fruit and coffee. We then separated to work on our individual EVA plans for the next two weeks. At approximately 11:00 we met and shared our plans and set the EVA structure. Due to the present conditions here on Mars, we are limited to a four man crew on each EVA. The next two weeks are set so that the team has a full day inside the Hab between EVAs, with one longer EVA on the 27th. 

After a lunch of quesadillas, beans and a snack size bag of chips the crew broke into pairs in order to check the working condition of the suits, Greenhab and ready the biological experiments. No one left the Hab today. Our limited water supply and lack of hot water has kept anyone from bathing thus far. This was most apparent after lunch as the smell of dehydrated cheese, body odor and burning agar mixed and lingered around the upper deck for most of the afternoon.

At 15:00 gathered once again to lock in the schedule of the EVAs and assign Com duty. At 16:00 we separated and began to work on our individual reports for Mission Support. We sill be submitting the reports promptly at 19:00 and monitoring communications with Mission Control while preparing dinner. Dinner will be later tonight and will be the beginning of our rest period for the evening. The crew is getting along wonderfully on our second day on Mars, and is sure to have another relaxing evening of games and conversation.