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EVA Report
Date: 12-24-13
Author: Nick Orenstein

EVA #: GenEVA_1 (codename Christmas EVA)
EVA Date: 12-24-13
EVA time slot: morning/noon (10am-1pm)

Objectives and Plan overview, please comment on preEVA expectations:
1) Space Suit Mobility
2) Check Coms Systems 
3) Test entire EVA procedure (prep, planning, checklists, day before, day of, waypoints, post)

Narrative EVA report
1) Heavy backpack, adjusted. Fog+helmet+foothills = dangerous. Kneeling and bending down was fine. Despite cold temperatures (~35degF), away team members all reported being hot. Suggest limiting layers to long-underwear tops and bottoms but no fleeces underneath EVA jumpsuits when on walking EVA.
2) Radio's has severe issues. Several turned off or stopped worked. Only used Nick's radio. It would turn off and cycle power. 
3) EVA procedure over all satisfactory.

-Team's neck really hurts, head against helmet, one crew member's shoulders are pretty red
-tired, from heat 
-helmet pushed head forward bent back
-massages are great

-once people were outside radios were easier to understand 
-good idea to do coms check before they head out
-radioed in at 12:00 for 2nd quarter check and there was no response
-attempted to establish contact over several mins. but no response
-heard voices at 12:12
-re-established coms at 12:18

Hot, Foggy and troublesome radios
Within 5 mins 
Charles's: microphone didn't work
Ian's: radio cut off and didn't work rest of trip
Nick's would turn off and and when turned on
did not work on far side of Mt. 
Severe fogging, spitting water onto helmet worked, vision is a small window 
Glad to have water, drank a bit to a lot
First half a climb second half flatter
Helmet forces head forward
Adjust straps on SCLSS
Walked in shade bc hot
Yell pretty loud to get attention, 10 yards

SCLSS: Pack's ran the entire EVA, but were awkward
Helmet, visibility: Severe fogging, condensation 
HM's came unseated from collar, air hose pushed it out (X).
Air flow: felt very weak, didn't seem to help at all
Coms, usage, drop outs: most raidos failed, one worked but turned off and had to be turned back on
Gear, boots, gators, caps, gloves: 
Ian's glove combo was good for camera use
Water, usage, accessibility:
GPS: no issues
Digging Equipment: Fogginess hard to see what you're hitting. Affects accuracy and hard to ID.
Other: GoPro's died quickly

Waypoint Check in:

Half Hour Check in: 

Airlock Procedures: 
>3 mins was good sim. 
>Request clearance to enter hab

Invigorating experience to finally be outside on Mars with the suits on.

Checkin Times
time: 10:15 Departed from Airlock

time: 10:20
Location: 518231mE 4250745mN
Comment: timed checkins corresponded with waypoint locations on this EVA

time: 11:39
Location: 518380mE 4251375mN
Comment: n/a

time: 12:00
Location: n/a
Comment: out of radio contact

Way Points
Number: 1
Location: 518231mE 4250745mN
Arrive Time: 10:20
Depart Time: 10:22
Findings: Just north of Habitat. Icy.

Number: 2
Location: 518380mE 4251375mN
Arrive Time: 11:39
Depart Time: 11:44
Findings: Doing fine, Taking a 5 minute breather, radios turning on and off. Fogging is severe but not debilitating.

Number: 3
Location: 518500mE 4251750mN
Arrive Time: 12:18
Depart Time: 12:20
Findings: No radio contact from behind the mountain. 

Number: 4
Location: 519020mE 4251461mN 
Arrive Time: 12:30
Depart Time: 12:32
Findings: On ATV road southwest of original checkpoint. From here, we walked along the road until we had first visual contact of the habitat (0518885mE 4250932mN). Then we returned to the Hab.