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Yesterday, the final design was determined based on the materials available. Due to poor advising from the hydroponics supply service and to our ignorance, some purchased parts did not assemble properly. These implications were remedied by a few minor design tweaks.

The irrigation system was constructed in its entirety today, except for the aforementioned valve that should arrive tomorrow. For drainage, two holes will be measured and drilled tomorrow as well. These holes will be routed with hose to output liquid in the event of media over-saturation.

The accompanying image in the daily photo comm depicts the system in its current state with one end capped. The cap will be replaced by the incoming valve, which will adjoin to the remaining leg of irrigation pipe. The reservoir will be filled with enough water to submerge the pump by a method to be determined. Then the system will be troubleshot for leakage and design flaws by activating the pump to generate flow.

The maximum temperature in the GreenHab has ranged from 77-79 degrees F over the past two days, the minimum from 16-12 degrees F. These minimum temperatures are concerning, and it has been noted that the heaters have gone out. These must be reset before plant growth should even be attempted. Any advice on this issue is welcomed.

The system should be running properly on 26 December 2013, assuming the valve arrives as scheduled. In the event that it does not arrive, all other activities will occur as planned while keeping the endcap in place. The pH/EC sensor will likely be prepared tomorrow also.

Merry Christmas, Mission Support! Thank you for all your correspondence.


CapCom, Mars. The flame has gone out. We will attempt to ignite the pilot light tomorrow and report back. These heaters run off propane and have no electrical connection.