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EVA Report
Date: 12-26-13
Author: Michael Bouchard 

1) Investigate a frozen stream bed in this Martian analog environment, and collect 4-6 samples
2) Continue Geologic Mapping Project
3) Collect soil for the Green Hab 
4) ATV mobility

Participants: //Gen 2
EVA Commander: Nick Orenstein (radio, suit #7, ATV # 1)
Coms and Nav: Michael Bouchard (radio, GPS, suit # 8, ATV # 2)
Participant: Hiroyuki Miyajima (radio, suit # 9, ATV # 3)
Participant: Charles Parrish (radio, suit # 10, ATV # 4)
Habitat Support CapCom (HSCC): Ian Etter (radio, no suit)

EVA Stats: 
Date: 12/27/2013
Start Time: 11:00 am //Depart Hab
Turn Back Time: 2:30
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 1.2 km one way on ATV, 0.4 km one way walking traverse, return on same path
Forecast: Sunny 35 high, light and variable wind, low of 17 in evening

Waypoints: //pick 3-4 points on a map that you plan to reach during your traverse and check in with HSCC when you reach these locations. Also Check in with HSCC every quarter. 
Waypoint 1: 
UTM: NAD 27 12S, 518230mE 4250710mN
Arrive Time: 11:05
Depart Time: 11:10
Location: South of the Hab
Waypoint 2: 
UTM: NAD 27 12S, 518875E 4250720mN
Arrive Time: 11:30
Depart Time: 11:50
Location: First Dig site, sample and survey, West of the Hab
Waypoint 3: 
UTM: NAD 27 12S, 518900mE 4250000mN
Arrive Time: 12:30
Depart Time: 12:35
Location: Park ATV's, North or Waypoint 2
Waypoint 4: 
UTM: NAD 27 12S, 518900mE 4250300mN
Arrive Time: 2:00
Depart Time: 2:10
Location: West of the parked ATV's hike in, farthest extent west