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Ian Etter

After the morning yoga routine and a lazy pancake breakfast the crew separated to work on their individual research projects. There were no EVAs today. Commander Nick and Charles continued construction of the hydroponics system in the Greenhab. Geologist Bouchard and Biology team Usha and Dani worked in the lab. Engineer Hiroyuki worked on the communications system. For the first time I had a free moment to work on some observational drawings of the area surrounding the Hab as seen through the port windows. 

Our water supply was refreshed, which was good news considering that we were running low and within a few days of running out. Hiroyuki has been monitoring our water usage, and even without showers we were averaging 42 liters per person, per day. We created new restrictions on water usage. We will be re-using our food hydration liquids, re-using dishes between meals before thoroughly washing them and limiting toilet cycling. 

Days without an EVA are productive but quiet. Our communications system is functioning at 100% for the first time, allowing the crew to connect with family and friend back on Earth. Tonight, since everyone has been in the Hab all day, we will be making our first trip to the Musk Observatory, which I am excited about. Commander Nick took a moment this morning to plan out tonight's viewing.