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Journalist Report
Ian Etter

The crew woke up at 09:00, an hour later than usual. After yoga and a quick breakfast we went off to
work on our individual projects. Environmental conditions on Mars are not something to be taken for
granted. EVAs are a large part of the experience here at MDRS, but are to be executed with caution
and only when necessary for research or maintenance. Today was another day without an EVA, and the
crew spent it in the Hab together. These days may seem uneventful, but they are productive. Bodies
would gather at the main table, then either move back to the lab or Greenhab and back to the main
table again. Although space is limited, the crew utilizes it well. 

After a casual lunch we began to work on our video transmission back to Earth. We first gathered in
the Greenhab, then moved through the Hab to record individuals in their workspace. We finished with
a group question and answer session. The crew then separated again to work on their daily reports.
It is our 8th day together and 7th day in the Hab. Today’s effort to document our life here on Mars,
halfway through our stay, put into perspective how well we function together.  I’m sure this will be
evident in the video.