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GreenHab Report
December 29, 2013
Charles Parrish

Repairs in the GreenHab are underway. The gap between the two halves of the GreenHab has been a priority. The existing insulation that had fallen out of place was repositioned before filling major holes with spray foam. After the foam had dried, the new insulation (sold as garage door seal) was screwed into the GreenHab frame. The insulation has been temporarily duct taped periodically while the silicone sealant sets over the next week. This tape will be removed after days of drying so that those gaps in the silicone can be filled.

The fan mount was measured and cut from reclaimed wooden materials from the GreenHab stock. The mount, designed for high load bearing capacity, was assembled and installed above the planter frames in front of the GreenHab main entrance. The fan was then mounted atop this structure. All reasonable contingencies related to the overhead placement of the fan have been assessed and deemed safe. The fan draws a considerable amount of air out of the GreenHab: enough to remove the scent of propane from inside the structure and to keep temperature relatively constant when the heater is turned on. The fan cord will be spliced to the thermostat wires next to the main entrance to automate its operation times.

The valve ordered for the hydroponics system was delivered yesterday to Starbase Hollow Mountain. Hopefully, it will arrive today when Officer D.G. resupplies our water reserves. As soon as the valve is in our possession, it will be installed to complete the top-drip irrigation system. The tray drains will be drilled tomorrow in preparation for filling the reservoir and cleaning the components. The pH/EC sensor will be installed in the reservoir once all components are clean and operational.

The below template will be required for future crews to submit regularly to Mission Support. Commander Orenstein will coordinate with Judd to implement this template
as part of the crew report system in HAL. If you have any suggestions, please comment.

GreenHab Environmental Conditions (Daily)
- Light Description (Bright, Intermed., Dim)
- Food Section
- Ambient Temperature (F)
- Relative Humidity (%)
- Heater Settings (On/off, Thermostat Setting, Time of Thermostat Change)
- Fan Settings (On/off, Thermostat Setting, Time of Thermostat Change)
- Zen Section
- Heater Settings (On/Off, Thermostat Setting, Time of Thermostat Change)
Hydroponics System Conditions (Daily)
- Anything in system and/or plants broken? (Y/N; if so, what)
- Reservoir
- pH
- Electrical Conductivity
- Volume Remaining at Time Check (L)
- Volume Added to Fill (L)
- Inflow Duration (min)
- Time Red and Blue Valve(s) Opened
- Time Red and Blue Valve(s) Closed
- Inflow Volume (L) calculated from duration x 68.33 L/min)
- Outflow
- Red and Blue Bucket Volumes (L)
- Red and Blue Buckets Emptied? (Y/N)
Plant Conditions in Hydroponics and Hanging Planters (Weekly)
- Anything in system and/or plants broken? (Y/N; if so, what)
- Leaves
- Qualitative Water Content (Turgid/Flaccid)
- Color (Dark green, green, light green, yellow, brown, purple, mixed)
- Surface Area (cm2) 3x per plant in representative location
- Number of leaves
- Shoots
- Length (cm) from soil surface to top of primary shoot
- Roots (at time of transplant)
- Primary Root Length (cm)
- Qualitative Root Hair Density (Dense/Intermed./Sparse)
- Flower Summary (if applicable)
- Text Box
- Fruit Summary (if applicable)
- Text Box
- Vine Summary (if applicable)
- Help it if needed!
- Text Box
- Zen Section Summary (if applicable)
- Text Box
Transplant/Treatment Summary (as applicable)
- Text Box
Harvest Summary (as applicable)
- Text Box
Temporary Experiment Summary (if applicable)
- Text Box
Photos (800 px x 600 px) (Weekly)
- Hallway View from Main Doorway
- Perspective view of each growing area from standing on step stool