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Commander Report
Nick Orenstein

Commander's Log, Mars Date 1321230.10

The future of space exploration is dependent upon cooperation between scientists and engineers and upon shared autonomy between humans and robots. Back on Earth I found that people currently pick favorites. They passionately argue for funding and focus for only one of these four spheres of influence as the world around them forces a zero-sum game of haves and have-nots.
MDRS is ahead of the curve and incorporates the full spectrum. On Crew 132, we've engineered a hydroponics system for the GreenHab. Our scientists have performed field experiments on the path towards discovery. Humans run the show but our robot HAL communicates to Earth for us. 
Today, I worked with Geologist Bouchard on our abstracts for the Lunar Planetary Science Conference. We both hope to catch a shuttle back to Earth to present our findings from Mars. My engineering proposal includes an application for scientific discovery. His scientific proposal describes efficiencies in scientific field work which benefit from engineering.
It's a shame that the political and economic climate on Earth prevents folks back home from having the best of both worlds. The science is ready. The engineering is ready. People are ready -- but it's time to start acting on it. No more fighting for resources. No more passive aggressive power grabs. 
No more ego. Just exploration, together as humans.


Commander Check-In Report
Nick Orenstein

Crew Physical Status: 

Eva Depart Time: n/a
Eva Return Time: n/a
EVA Highlights : n/a

Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
HAL is now at It seems to change unexpectedly within the range set in the DHCP settings. 

Report Transmission Schedule:
Commander Check-In
Commander Report
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Future EVA Plan - Night
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Plans for Tomorrow:
Daytime EVA for biology and geology. Short nighttime EVA to test human factors. Celebrate Earth's New Year's Eve.

Trailer tank refilled today.

Support Requests:
1) Please let us know details about the time of arrival for Crew 133. As Shannon knows, two of our members need to stay in Grand Junction on Saturday night 1/4. We won't leave MDRS until the next crew arrives and want to plan for our departure time. The earlier the better so one member can have dinner with family in GJ.
2) Please upload our video to YouTube and send us the link so we can share it while still at MDRS.