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Commander Report
Nick Orenstein

Commander's Log, Mars Date 1321231.11

I asked the crew a few minutes ago whether we should celebrate the New Year's Eve holiday at 12:00am local Mars time or at 12:00am Earth time. The Hab microwave's clock, it turns out, is offset to Earth time. Since we arrived, it's already 90 minutes ahead.
Our orbit around the sun is offset, too, so the Gregorian calendar should mean little to us Martians. In fact, a book I'm reading on Native American cosmovision reminded me that midnight on winterous January 1 isn't really a start to anything anyways. We arrived at MDRS on Earth's winter solstice. Some Earth cultures wait until close to the Spring Equinox to mark the New Year around the birth of new life on Gaia. Others choose the Autumn Equinox when harvests begin. Yet the West chooses a cold dark day a week after Christmas. Eventually, we'll have to agree with fellow Martian settlers on how to set our own unique calendar.
But it's no matter to us now, for tonight we celebrate! Old traditions live on! A special dinner is on the stove, a cake is in the oven, and late-night festivities will break the monotony of going Full Martian.
Best wishes of happiness and harmony to everyone on Earth and on Mars during our next swing around the Sun.


Commander Check-In Report
Nick Orenstein

Crew Physical Status: 
Healthy. A little more energy today.

Eva Depart Time: 11:13
Eva Return Time: 14:38

EVA Highlights : Successfully reseeded long-duration astrobiology site. Performed logistical study on Habitat support for geology field work. 

Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
1) Hydroponics valve arrived and installed. Drip lines working.
2) ATV #4 is out of commission. A few days ago it would not start. Today we were able to start it and reverse a short distance, but the engine died as soon as it shifted to forward.

Report Transmission Schedule:
Commander Check-In
Commander Report
Engineering Report
HSO Report
Science Report (Geology)
Science Report (Astronomy)
EVA Report
Daily Photos
Journalist Report

Plans for Tomorrow:
No EVA. Routine crew work.

Running low on anti-bacterial hand wash (generic Purell) near the bathroom. Future crews might like a refill. 

Support Requests:
1) Please let us know an estimate of what time on Saturday to expect Crew 133. We would like them to arrive around noon so there is time to transfer knowledge before two of our officers head to the Grand Junction System. Our new plan for their departure is that one of their parents is going to meet them at Starbase Hollow Mountain at 3pm. This saves Commander Orenstein from the shuttle trip to and from GJ.

New Year's Eve on Mars