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Journalist Report
Elizabeth Howell

A picture instantly looks different when you stick in a person in a spacesuit. As our crew reviewed the shots from today's Marswalks, we couldn't believe how different the terrain appeared with our round helmets poking in front of the stunning view.
Wearing a spacesuit also brings a different dimension to walking. The top-heavy backpack makes walking up and down hills a slippery experience. The helmet crowds out sounds from the exterior. Its protection reminds you that you're a foreigner in a country that is not friendly to people of your kind.
How do we make the environment feel like a suitable spot to do our science? With experience. Today was an orientation walk to learn our way around the neighborhood. From here, we'll perform science experiments and work on equipment.
My feet felt more confident navigating the hills today. We're getting the basics down. Now to move to the intermediate stage: learning the most we can about where we are living.