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Eva Report
Gordon Gartrelle
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Four main objectives: 1. Initial setup of radio telescope outside the main hab between the tunnel and the observatory. 2. Obtain three precise elevations of strata away from the main hab for the GIS project. 3. Survey the geology at each of the three reference points to detect potential ancient hydrothermal activity. 4. The initial test of EVA Helmet Temperature and Perceived Comfort Experiment with data from Elizabeth Howell's helmet.

Our initial expectations were to complete this EVA in 2.5 hours. 
We departed the hab at 09:43. Operations began on the assembly of the four radio telescope masts about 30 meters from the hab. Assembly did not go as smoothly as planned initially the metal masts were extremely cold and hard to unravel from their support cords. We also had difficulty assembling the mast structures due to the small size of the bolts being used. We observed an overall significant lack of manual dexterity due to the combination of the tools, the gloves and the cold. We probably took twice as much time to get the pieces in place as we thought. Spiking the masts was also difficult as the ground was rock hard. After 2 hours all the masts were in place, properly aligned and secured to the ground. It was decided to return to to the hab for a short snack and water break and we returned to the hab at 11:45

We exited the airlock at 12:09 to complete the rest of the EVA. We arrived at the first GIS reference point (12S 517974 4251091 Elevation 4,579 ft)at 12:24. We cataloged the point and moved on to point 2 (12S 517900 4250818 Elevation 4,562 ft)arriving at12:44. Between points 2 & 3 we performed our geology survey. We arrived at point 3 (12S 518032 4250452 Elevation 4,507 feet) at 13:29. We returned to the hab and entered the airlock at 14:01
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GIS Reference Point 3
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