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Science Report
Joseph Jessup

 Science Report Summary:   Joseph M. Jessup,  UND # 133 Radio Astronomer

Finished installation and wiring of radio telescope coaxial.
Steered beam to plane of Sol, took several hours of test signals, and cataloged terrestrial noise
for future crews.  Telescope picks up and logs hab water pumps, HVAC as well as walkie-talkies that
are beyond range for normal communication, but key presses show up as sharp spikes in logging software.

 All terrestrial signals easily distinguishable from Solar activity.  Telescope picked up several
lower energy solar events, and software functions normal in today's initial testing.
Readjusted beam to near celestial azimuth for tests on Jupiter and Io tonight.
UND #133 Engineering will consult with MDRS for best permanent location of wiring and work area
for receiver and laptop.

  All functions normal with good reception in today's first tests, will report more tomorrow
morning after more testing tonight.   Making screenshots of signal forms to be incorporated into
manual for future crews.