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XO Gartrelle to Cap Comm

The Greenhab is operating normally.

The fan is operating normally set at 68 degrees. 

The heater was turned down to 40 degrees at 9AM
The heater was turned up to 75 degrees at 5PM

The herbs, the Mars shoot and the vegetable seedlings all received water today. Bright sun all day created the highest temperature readings we have seen during our rotation. The two cactus plants in the main hab kitchen window have been moved to the greenhab permanently. They had grown to the point where they were in danger of toppling into the stove and our food. They seem to be happy in their new home. 

The vegetable seedlings were moved to the upper main hab for the night at 5PM. The lettuce shoots are beginning to grow and were are starting to see a few pepper shoots emerge. A photoif teh vegetable seedlings from 5PM today is attached. We remain on strict water rationing so the start of the hydroponics project is postponed until Monday at the earliest. 

The Greenhab Readings from today are as follows:

                                     Current                Min                  Max
Temperature              82 Degrees F       41 Degrees F    93 Degrees F          
Humidity                         14%                    11%                 21%