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Journalist Report
Elizabeth Howell

Today is my birthday, and I was feeling a little sad that I was missing the fun with my family – even though, of course, I am having a great time here on Mars. My crew, of course, completely came through with actions that touched me.
On other pretenses, Gartrelle brought me out to the GreenHab while Komorowski whipped up a cake with chocolate icing. Crock went fishing in a small box my family sent with me with small presents and found sprinkles, a "Happy Birthday" napkin and a few other small items. Also, Crock, Komorowski and Diaz-Rubin put up a few small decorations in the Hab. I was pretty surprised when I came back.
It was thoughtful of everyone to put so much effort into one of my few birthdays away from home. It goes to show you just how much thought everyone puts into making sure everyone else feels happy and secure during our time on Mars.