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Name:  Pedro Diaz-Rubin
Sky Conditions:  Partly Cloudy
Winds:  Moderate
Time of Observation (start- finish): 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM (local)
At 9:00 PM, the Astronomy team moved to the Musk Observatory.  Joseph assisted on focusing the telescope:  Jupiter moons were used for calibration since they are the dimmest objects next to Jupiter.
Observations were made with a 10 mm lenses on Jupiter and its moons
Jupiter displayed two mayor tropical belts.
Around 10:30 pm, the declination of Jupiter was +22 deg 48 min 01 sec and right ascension was 07 deg 02 min 55 sec.
The Jovian system configuration from left to right was as follows:
Europa, Jupiter, Io and Callisto.  Ganymede's was not on the field of view.
Io appeared as the closest moon to Jupiter, then followed Europa and last Callisto.  All moons were moving away from Jupiter.
List of Objects viewed:
Europa, Jupiter, Io and Callisto
Problems Encountered:  
Clods were slowly moving from west to east, blocking the view at the end of observation.