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Eva Report
Paula Crock
Eva Number:
Eva Date:
15 Jan
Time Slot:
Travel by ATV north of Hab to collect radio comms check data and collect helmet temperature data
Howell and Crock left the airlock at 10:08 and departed on the EVAs shortly after.  They quickly reached the far point of the walking EVA yesterday and continued north on the road.  The cross road was difficult to find and was missed on the trip north so Howell and Crock stopped at the end of the road and surveyed the area there briefly before returning south.  On the return trip the cross road was identified but it was quickly determined to be too muddy to attempt a traverse.  The vehicles were turned around and the team returned to the Hab.  The main road had become quite muddy as well but was passable.  Based on the experience of the EVA team today, tomorrow's EVA will attempt the same plan but earlier in the day in hopes that the cross road will be frozen and passable.
The EVA did generate four radio comms data points and helmet temperature data on two crew members. Crock and Howell returned at 1:16.
Eva Depart Time:
Check In Time One:
Check In One E:
Check In One N:
Check In Note One:
First comms check (fail)
Check In Time Two:
Check In East Two:
Check In Note Two:
Second comms check (fail)
Check In Time Three:
Check In East Three:
Check In North Three:
Check In Note Three:
Third comms check (success)
Check In Time Four:
Check In East Four:
Check In North Four:
Check In Note Four:
Fourth comms check (success)
Eva Return Time:
Wp1 E:
Wp1 N:
Waypoint1arrive Time:
Eva W P1depart Time:
Wp1 Find:
Wp2 E:
Wp2 N:
Eva W P2arrive Time:
Eva W P2depart Time:
Wp2 Find:
Wp3 E:
Wp3 N:
Eva W P3arrive Time:
Eva W P3depart Time:
Wp3 Find:
Wp4 E:
Wp4 N:
Eva W P4arrive Time:
Eva W P4depart Time:
Waypoint Four Finding:
Waypoint Five Easting:
Waypoint Five Northing:
Waypoint Five Arrive Time:
Waypoint Five Depart Time:
Waypoint Five Findings: