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Journalist Report
Elizabeth Howell

Off-roading in a spacesuit is a special experience. One part of you is enjoying cruising around the Utah hills like Superman. The other part is very focused on the safety, the muddy conditions, the steep hills.

Crock and I did our first EVA using ATVs today and went miles from our little Habitat. Driving on the slippery mud of Mars reminded me of navigating slick, icy roads in my Canadian hometown. When driving became rough, I eased off the steering and was cautious on the gas. With the exception of one steep  hill that took extra maneuvering, we accomplished our tasks with little trouble.

It was kind of the rest of the crew to have food and drink ready for us the moment we arrived back at the Hab. We've become a tight-knit team, always looking out for the others' interests, and I do hope we will stay in close touch after leaving the Red Planet.