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Checked guy wiring on masts, adjusted tension on south dipole.  Even after very muddy conditions, radio masts appear to be very solid and rigid. Astronomer Pedro 
Diaz-Rubin and I Attached streamers to guy wires for better visibility during night excursions to observatory. Installed Radio Jove Pro on observatory computer.  Purchased activation key for both Skypipe II and radio Jove Pro,  activated and registered both programs cleaned area on counter top on lower deck for both receivers, connected repaired unit to outside array. Ran MDRS unit on solar bursts during the day, will test new unit on Jupiter emissions.

I am going to look into a 12 volt rechargeable battery unit to test on a receiver to test remediation of noise levels that is appearing on both receivers. The water pump and heater is being picked up by the telescope array.  This is a minor nuisance that can be ignored, and easily

recognized, but possibly a battery will pick up less noise.  Walkie talkie signals can be picked up for miles away even if they cannot be received by other units.  I suspect that an RF filter or battery solution will help with signal noise problem in the HAB.