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Science Report
Joseph Jessup

Radio Astronomy Report.

Summary of R/T :  Installation of the new radio-telescope began with selecting the most level spot
near the Hab that would not interfere with ground operations, and selecting proper East-West
placement of masts.  The masts are made of galvanized steel electrical conduits, with weather
resistant mountaineering rope.  The installation in EVA took approximately 2 hours, and concluded
with cutting out a degraded part of existing Coaxial cable from HAB and adding new ends for new
radio telescope installation.
from 1/15 2014 through 1/17/2014 The system was tested at both night and daytime for proper
operation and reception of solar and Jovian radio signals in the ~20 MHZ range. I am going to
purchase a spare tuner knob and a noise suppression filter for the older MDRS receiver although it
functions just fine, the system could use some noise suppression.  I will coordinate with Peter as
well as Crew 139 to make sure they have filter and tuning knob should it need replaced.

Phasing cable, software and both receivers are on counter of lower deck next to window.  I sealed
off connectors on coaxial cable for weather resistance. Astronomy computer has been removed from
Radio Telescope, and Pablo will coordinate with Peter about handing over equipment to Team 134, or
taking it to Hollow Mountain for safe keeping.  I will keep contact with Team 134 and coordinate
with them about their needs for their research.

I tested the all cables and poles for rigidity on masts, even in very muddy conditions, all looks
very stable.