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Journalist Report
Sue Ann Seah

The crew had an early start this morning at 7am for yoga with the NAO robot leading the session.
Unfortunately due to the uneven floors, Napoleon was unable to complete the session and Kai came to
the rescue. We then had breakfast and was informed that the Science Channel crew had some travel
delays arriving into Hanksville thus was only visiting the next day. This came as a bit of a relief
as it was our first full day of EVAs and it would be good to get into the swing of things.

We then carried on with our planned EVAs for the day filled with terrain scouting for rover testing,
extremophile sampling, simulated injury practice, rover system setup and soil sample collection. It
was a full day ahead, which started off quite slowly with five people trying to put their suits on
either for the first or second time in a really small area and trying to all fit in the airlock.
Rule number 1 of airlock: do not fit 5 people in the airlock. 

After the first EVA crew left and returned, it was amazing to see how the cog wheels started turning
and the whole crew running full steam ahead like a really well-oiled engine. If I were to be sent to
Mars one day, I would want to be sent with Crew 134. They get on with it.