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After several days of chaos, many near sleepless nights helping each other through our respective research projects, we were finally presented with the opportunity for a lie-in, and we took it. But apparently a lie-in for this crew means everyone is up and ready with itchy feet at 08h00. Nevertheless, the crew are rested and had a relatively calm day.
Vibha and Michaela had a productive afternoon of fieldwork for their respective projects. Sue Ann carried out maintenance on some of the EVA analogue suits. Kai managed some good filming and interviews. Susan and I did some trouble-shooting with the head-mounted EEG scanners, and a stack of emails and report-writing.
With such a calm day, there have been longer and more meaningful discussions within the crew. The vision that drives us all to doing these crazy things has brought us together, here at MDRS. Today, a message that has resonated within me more than anything is that we have to work together to achieve great things. For if we cannot work together, if we cannot get over our petty differences, if we cannot put aside our individual egos, this grand mission we have all found calling us will simply not be achieved in any way by us.