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GreenHab Officer Musilova to Cap Comm and to GreenHab Coordinator Orenstein

Today I cleaned the hydroponics reservoir and refilled it according to instructions.
However, I came across a few  on things I wasn't certain about:
1) Does the filter on the pump need cleaning and if yes, how?
2) In your emails yesterday you send me a plant and harvest info spreadsheet that is different to the one you sent me last Friday (in which we would be in veg week 3, not 2). I assume that the spreadsheet has been updated and that I should follow the new one you sent me yesterday, is that correct?
3) Also, we have not found a functioning pH meter to measure the pH of the water in the reservoir. There are a few in drawer #13 in the lab, but they don't work. I then tried measuring the pH with pH paper, but that only gave me an approximate value somewhere between 6-7pH, which I hope is good enough.
4) Otherwise could you please advise me on what to do instead?
5) Finally, should I let it mix all night tonight and water the hydroponic lettuce tomorrow morning?

Regarding the lettuce transplantation, is it into the pots that I've attached a picture of? I've put a syringe there for scale
Once transplanted, do they need to be taken up to the hab in the evening or should they be left in the Greenhab?
I unfortunately I didn't have time to do this today, as I had a long afternoon EVA and lots of lab work in the morning, on top of the reservoir cleaning and refilling. I will try and do both transplantations tomorrow.

The white buckets in the GreenHab are indeed 5 gallon buckets with two markings: one at 2 gallons and one at 4. 

The green hab is operating normally

The fan was set to 60 degrees at 8AM
The fan is operating normally at 68 degrees at 5PM

The heater was turned down to 40 degrees F at 8AM
The heater was turned up to 75 degrees F at 5PM

The pump is operating normally.

All the seedlings were returned to the upper hab at 5PM. 

Greenhab readings for 5PM today are as follows:

                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature      54 Degrees F   46 Degrees F  91 Degrees F   
Humidity           18%                  12%                 19%

Meter            1.04 KwH
Duration        23h 56 min

Best wishes,
Officer Musilova