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Commander Report
Ashley Dale

Luckily just a few days ago our crew went through protocol development studies on Med-Evac EVAs, 
because our HSO had an accident on one of the ATVs just a few minutes into an EVA this 
morning – she caught a ditch at the wrong angle and got thrown. Though our execution of protocol was 
not perfect, we managed to get her back to the HAB quickly. The crew worked as a unit, fluidly. I am 
proud of them. Crewmember only had superficial injuries and didn’t descend into shock. Kai and Ewan kept 
a close watch of her, regularly measuring her vitals. Thankfully, she is fine, but 
we’ll continue to keep an eye on her.

Some fieldwork and rover debugging was achieved today. Our highlight, however, has been an agreement 
for space.com to host a series of video interviews we’re putting together with each of the crew over 
the coming week. They have also agreed to host a documentary we intend on making of the expedition! 
There are two facets to the work we do here at MDRS: research and PR. It’s all well and good doing 
the research to make Mars a possibility in terms of human exploration, but we’re not going to get 
people to Mars if they have no interest in going.


CommanderCheckIn Report
Ashley Dale
Crew Physical Health:
Physically, the crew are fairly well. Vibha has realised that it is 
primarily the Yoga sessions in the morning that are hurting her ankle, so 
she will be taking it easy with certain moves. Crewmember had a minor accident 
on an ATV, this was all detailed with Shannon and the Flight Surgeon. 
Physically crewmember is fine -- just a couple of scrapes and bruises. We've 
checked her vitals regularly and never left her alone through the day. Everyone else is fine.
Eva Depart Time:
Eva Return Time:
Narrative Of Field Mission Results:
Crewmember's accident happened within 2 minutes of departure. We returned her to the HAB for care. Michaela and I made it out to the destination in good time, but unfortunately samples for her research were not as fruitful as hoped for.