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GreenHab Officer Musilova to Cap Comm and to GreenHab Coordinator Orenstein

Today I transplanted some of the peppers into hydroponics bags according to instructions. However, there are 24 peppers and only 5 hydroponic bags. 10 of the peppers are labelled as "cayanne", 10 ones aren't labelled and 4 are labelled as hot peppers. In the instructions it says to only put 2 per hydroponic bag..
So which peppers should I transplant then? So far I've only transplanted 4 of the cayenne peppers (which had sprouted the most) into 2 bags and brought the rest of the peppers into the hab. 
I can transplant the rest now if you could please advise me which ones of the remaining peppers I should transplant? Or otherwise I can do that tomorrow morning.

I also transplanted the lettuce into the pots and watered them. Should they now stay in the greenhab over night, since the pots are so big?

The green hab is operating normally

The fan was set to 60 degrees at 8AM
The fan is operating normally at 68 degrees at 5PM

The heater was turned down to 40 degrees F at 8AM
The heater was turned up to 75 degrees F at 5PM

The pump is operating normally. However I had to tape up the black pipes in the reservoir that the previous officer taped up with duct tape, because water was leaking through it again.

The remaining pepper seedlings were returned to the upper hab at 5PM. 

Greenhab readings for 5PM today are as follows:

                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature      70 Degrees F   41 Degrees F  93 Degrees F   
Humidity           17%                  11%                 21%

Meter            0.84 KwH
Duration        20h 35 min

Best wishes,
Officer Musilova