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GreenHab Report
Date: 01/25/14
Prepared by Michaela Musilova

I left the sweet peppers in their original small pots, since none of them appear to be sprouting (I've attached a picture of them). Should I leave them there for a bit longer before transplanting 6 of them to the hydroponics? 

Regarding the planting of the seeds in the Zen garden:
1) Where are the seeds for the Violas and Petunias? I didn't see them anywhere in the GreenHab.
2) Which one is the Martian soil? There are a few zip-lock bags filled with light-coloured sand/muddy soil, are those it?
3) how many seeds should I plant per basket?

The green hab is operating normally

The fan was set to 58 degrees at 9AM
The fan was left at 58 degrees at 5PM

The heater was turned down to 40 degrees F at 9AM
The heater was turned up to 75 degrees F at 5PM

The pump is operating normally. I've attached a picture of the pipes that I taped up.

The remaining pepper seedlings were returned to the upper hab at 5PM. 

Greenhab readings for 5PM today are as follows:

                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature      81 Degrees F   41 Degrees F  97 Degrees F   
Humidity           14%                  11%                 21%

Meter            0.99 KwH
Duration        24h13 min
Overflow        1 Liter removed today at 9am