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What a beautiful feeling! Sitting here tonight watching my crew mates
sharing and enjoying each others company... these unique moments to cherish
and set to memory as we enter the second week of this extraordinary
experience as MarsCrew134 at MDRS.

Life here at MDRS is challenging in many ways: physically, emotionally and
mentally and  the key to finding balance and harmony amongst new crew mates
and living in such cramp quarters is a constant daily challenge. But no
matter how difficult..we all manage to come together by the end of the day
and become the "band of brothers" ..become a unit ..a "space faring" family.

Outside the wind is gusty and howling intensely around us as we listen to
the loud moans and creaks coming from the hab. Inside, there is a "blanket'
sense of calmness and peace after our nightly meditation session led by
Susan the crew medical officer. We were joined by the CNN reporter who
arrived this morning and followed various crew members throughout the day
filming  snippets of  " life on Mars". Our visitor from Earth enjoyed his
time with the analogue astronauts and left curious yet fascinated with this
bunch of eclectic, zany, "out-of-the-box" pioneering "extra-terrestrials".

It was another hectic and active day for us as we continued with our
individual research studies, conducted several EVAs.
Kai, the crew filmmaker continued his interviews of the crew team for
Space.com exclusive and footage for our own documentary of MarsCrew134.
here's to another day on Mars.