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Journalist Report
Ewan Reid

With only three days left for Crew134 mixed feelings abound in the MDRS Hab.  We've had an excellent 
time so far and continue to generate results from our research.  We'll be sorry to leave.

Today a four-person EVA undertook sample collection as part of an ESA study.  One crew member 
required minor medical attention during this EVA and led by the Medical Officer the whole crew 
rallied to help.

This afternoon's EVA focused on a search for geological and biological material and also provided 
some excellent photo-ops with stunning views in a remote region.

Several crew members are readying themselves for a long night with another tele-medicine activity 
planned for overnight tonight.  This one involves a Mars station to Mars station connection to ESA's 
Concordia outpost in Antarctica. 

With a winter storm rolling in Crew134 is battening down the hatches and ready to ride out both the 
storm and our last few days of this excellent journey together.