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GreenHab Report
Prepared by Lucie Ploulet
Morn Internal Temperature:

Noon Internal Temperature:

Even Internal Temperature:
Nite Internal Temperature:

Morn Internal Humidity:

Noon Internal Humidity:

Even Internal Humidity:
Nite Internal Humidity:

Morn External Temperature:

Noon External Temperature:

Even External Temperature:

Nite External Temperature:

Morn External Humidity:

Noon External Humidity:

Even External Humidity:

Nite External Humidity:

Morn Air Pressure:

Noon Air Presssure:

Even Air Pressure:

Nite Air Pressure:

Sprout Report:
Sprouts are covered for the night.
Sprout Watering Quantity:

Sprout Watering Time:

Plant Report:
Plants are covered for the night.
Plant Watering Quantity:

Plant Watering Time:

Harvest Report:

Maintenance Report:
Here are the info I got from Michaela, previous Greenhab officer:

9am: 0.59kWh 16h09min

current temp: 57 min temp: 39 max temp: 75
current humidity: 17% min humidity: 15% max humidity: 21%

Supplies Request: