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Commander Doule to Mission Support.

The Crew 135 is in great mood, very motivated and we certainly are effective team :).

We set daily schedule [written on whiteboard on upper deck] to which we intend to stick for organisation purposes to keep track on all duties during the day. This schedule is applicable to all Crew 135:
07:00-08:00 - Breakfast
08:00-08:30 - Daily briefing
08:30-09:00 - Habitat maintenance
09:00-12:00 - Research activities
11:00-12:30 - Lunch preparation
12:30-13:30 - Lunch break
13:30-14:00 - Habitat maintenance
14:00-17:00 - Research activities
17:00-19:00 - Report preparation [submission 19:00-21:00]
19:00-21:00 - Diner preparation and dining
21:00-23:00 - Free personal/group activities
23:00-07:00 - Sleep

EVA01 for EXP01:
Crew 135 members MK and EO performed first 1,5h EVA to collect data for the reliability and redundancy study modeling possible MDRS failure modes and subsystems risks [EXP01 listed in our Mission Objectives]. Crew left the airlock exactly at 10:00 and surveyed in the nearest vicinity of the habitat. During the first EVA the PLSS backpack "2" started malfunctioning. After EVA inspection of the PLSS encountered the power unit was upside down and one of the contacts / wires was loose. It seems that this backpack PLSS was not handled with care in the past. The backpack was fix and is fully operable again. Independent report from Crew Engineer Kubicek and Crew Scientist Oguz.

As our mission is completely dependent on the data acquired during EVAs, our EVA schedule for the whole mission was optimised (the crew member in brackets is reporter not part of EVA simulation):

Feb3            EVA     2 h WALK Morning, MK, EO
Feb4            EVA     3h ATV+ WALK Afternoon (SURROUNDINGS), LP, OD, EO, (FK)
Feb5            EVA     4h WALK - LASER SURVEYING (HAB), OD, LP, (FK)
Feb6            EVA     4h WALK, MK, FK || WALK - LASER SURVEYING (TERRAIN), OD, LP
Feb7            EVA     4h WALK - LASER SURVEYING (TERRAIN), OD, EO, (FK)
Feb8            EVA     2h WALK - OD, TP (FK)
Feb9            EVA     2h WALK - OD, FK (TP)
Feb10           EVA     2h WALK - OD, MK (FK)
Feb11           EVA     2h WALK - TERRAIN / DESIGN CHECK - TBD
Feb12           EVA     2h WALK - TERRAIN / DESIGN CHECK- TBD
Feb13           EVA     BACKUP EVA 2h ATV + WALK  - CHECK - TBD
Feb14           EVA     0
Feb15           EVA     0
Feb16           EVA     0

Crew 135 reporters were intensively photographing, videorecording during our first EVA and video, imagery processing and report writing was done inside the habitat as well all the day.

Habitat top deck was preciselly measured and converted into a CAD drawing in plan and section.We required precise digital model of MDRS ASAP. Tomorrow morning will be perfomrmed detailed measurements of the bottom deck interior and on Feb 5th will be performed detailed laser measurements of the habitat exterior.

Experiments are being prepared and lots of maintenance was performed all over the day [independent report will follow from Officer Poulet].

- The analogue spacesuit PLSS backpacks require maintenance, all were again inspected. We would like to fix the charging cables at least for other two backpacks. We found soldering iron hot end but no power source. Can you please provide info if this power source is located in hab?
- Very luckily we encountered Sherif comming for the trailer just at the moment when leaving engineering airlock to the Greenhab. He mentioned that the soldering iron should be placed in habitat. The trailer has full tank of water and empty bins [were completely full from Crew 134].
- The port from the engineering airlock is in critical condition and manipulation with it is dangerous and difficult. The top hinge is loose and does not hold the perpendicular geometry as it supposed to.[I will send image separately]. I REQUEST PERMISSION for temporary fixing of the hinge using strong Velcro stripe as this port is very often used and AND MAY CAUSE INJURY during its use. The Velcro stripe can be placed on the top of the hinge to tighten in up. The fixing can be done quickly and we do have Velcro in our supplies. Also the interior latch lock is badly banded with broken screw and screws falling out. I REQUEST PERMISSION for temporary fixing of this latch lock to enable its proper closing from the inside. We do have all tools and screws needed in hab.
- During the Greenhouse maintenance, when supplying it with water, we noticed that the sink in the lab  is completely clogged with mud. Obviously someone from previous crews was washing dirt in this sink and did not bother to put there any filter. It seems that the sink drainage pipework will have to be disassambled as any type of manual cleaning is not possible. The sink leaks, plastic bucket bellow the sink is full of muddy water and the bottom shelf is broken appart and humid. It seems that the pipeline is full of mud I REQUEST PERMISSION FOR DISASSEMBLY [unscrewing / no tools needed] AND CLEANING OF THE LAB SINK DRAINAGE PLUMBING ASAP as the dry dirt will be much more difficult to wash out the pipes then wet mud (we do have experience with kitchen assembly and basic plumbing).



CommanderCheckIn Report
Ondrej Doule
Crew Physical Health:
All are well.
Eva Depart Time:
Eva Return Time:
Narrative Of Field Mission Results:
Mission acomplished
Eva Depart Time:
Eva Return Time:
Narrative Of Field Mission Results:
Eva Depart Time:
Eva Return Time:
Narrative Of Field Mission Results:
Eva Depart Time:
Eva Return Time:
Narrative Of Field Mission Results:
Eva Depart Time:
Eva Return Time:
Narrative Of Field Mission Results:
Hab Maint:
Request for permission to perform in-hab fixing by Crew 135
- Engineering port hinge stabilisation by Velcro
- Engineering port latch fixing
- Diassembly and cleaning of the lab sink
Rep Sched:
   19:00 - 21:00
Tomorrow Plan:
   As per Comander Report. 1 EVA mission in hab activities as per every day schedule
Support Req:
   Request for permission to temporarily fix critical condition systems