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Officer Poulet to CapCom and to Coordinator Orenstein.
The heater has been running at 1500W until 11am when the temperature reached 81F. I turned it on again at 14:00.

My guess for weak-looking of hydro plants is: 1) lack of light due to bags 2) water falling on them while watering. So my suggestions 1) Fold the bags and 2) Put the nozzle not in between two sprouts but away from them. I put pictures of these suggestions in attachment.
In addition you will find a close-up photo of each plant in the hydro tank.
The pump is operating normally. 
Attached are the pictures of the planted carrots, radishes and peas. I planted ~80 carrot seeds per pot, 10 peas per pot and ~26 radish seeds per pot. In the small greenhouse I used small biodegradable pots filled with the same soil composition as the big pots because I did not find soil cubes.

Greenhab readings for 5PM today are as follows:
                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature      70 Degrees F   28 Degrees F  82 Degrees F   
Humidity           17%                  13%                 23%
Greenhab readings at 9am today were as follows:
Meter            0.53 KwH
Duration        15h12min  

NB: All pictures are gathered in one single word file for simplicity reasons and in order to make the file transmission lighter.
Best regards,
Officer Poulet