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Officer Poulet to CapCom and to Coordinator Orenstein.

The heater has been running until 11:00 at 1500W and I turned it back at 17:00.

The pump is operating normally and the hydroponic tank water is almost ready to get changed.

The lettuces on the hydro table are still crawling on the soil (which prevents them to grow more), despite my actions to give them more light and prevent water from falling directly on them. This is the result from lack of light in their early stages, leading to extreme stem elongation which in return leads to extreme weakness of the stem, making plants crawling on the ground instead of growing normally upright.They were planted very much at the surface of the pot, which did not help their weakened stem to get much support from the soil. So today I put more soil at their basis to support them and help them stay more upright (see attached pictures).

The radishes from my DIY small germination greenhouse germinated all during the night and I transferred them in the big pots today (see attached pictures). The rest of the radishes still do not show sign of life.... Peas in the small germination greenhouse have started germinated and some in the bigger pots as well.

The bucket under the hydro tank was full and I transferred 3L into the green bucket.

Greenhab readings for 5PM today are as follows:
                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature     73 Degrees F  46 Degrees F 91 Degrees F   
Humidity           16%                  12%                 19%
Greenhab readings at 9am today were as follows:
Meter            0.55 KwH
Duration        15h05 min  
Best regards,
Officer Poulet