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Commander Report
Ondrej Doule

The team is in a great mood. All base systems are running nominal. The main generator has been
repaired by D.G. Lusko who informed us about it personally.

We are running all EXPs mostly in synthesis phase except the EXP04 acoustic experiment. The M-Audio
recording hardware keeps malfunctioning.

- FMECA reserach is ongoing and we already know that results wont be in place before the end of our
mission - simply too much theoretical work
- The MDRS base expansion concept draft will provide a big picture of the MDRS development inclusive space
port placement, emergency escape vehicle, greenhouse expansion, communications design and lab and
hab extensions.
- Last Google Glass sortie was performed succesuflly after few hours troubleshooting the
broadcasting system inside the hab. The muddy roads, paths and hills are very slippery. Camera cover
during the last Glass EXP was damaged beyond repair due to little slip on the muddy hill just next
to the hab [few m]. Camera was placed on the helmet to record the head motion [camera is ok], jump
suit needed some serious de-mudding.

Crew 135 has collected almost all necessary data for their experiments. There is one ATV EVA planned
for tomorrow regarding documentary film shooting about Crew 135 experience.