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Eva Report
Ondrej Doule
Eva Number:
Eva Date:
Time Slot:
Instant HUD direct video transmition to the HabCom - data transmition test, video feed data /exterior Base systems verification based on HabCom needs.
HUD display life video transmition to the HabCom and instantenious radio instruction test based on video feed.
The video was broadcasted by the Google Glass directly to android tablet. Video lag was experienced as natural as the Bluetooth system was used rather than wifi. We experienced 3 streaming dropouts but no restart was needed. Aeras around water tank and telescope had biggest lag in transmition. Transmition was almost smooth around both airlocks. This type of video streaming is simple and great tool for EVA supervision. The direction of head pointing camera on a relevant part of the task is extremely helpful and ideal with wide lense camera when combined for navigation and task performance support.
Eva Depart Time:
Check In Time One:
Check In One E:
Check In One N:
Check In Note One:
Around hab instant radio communication for the whole period of time
Check In Time Two:
Check In East Two:
Check In Note Two:
Around hab
Check In Time Three:
Check In East Three:
Check In North Three:
Check In Note Three:
Around hab
Check In Time Four:
Check In East Four:
Check In North Four:
Check In Note Four:
Around hab
Eva Return Time:
Wp1 E:
Wp1 N:
Waypoint1arrive Time:
Eva W P1depart Time:
Wp1 Find:
Wp2 E:
Wp2 N:
Eva W P2arrive Time:
Eva W P2depart Time:
Wp2 Find:
Wp3 E:
Wp3 N:
Eva W P3arrive Time:
Eva W P3depart Time:
Wp3 Find:
Wp4 E:
Wp4 N:
Eva W P4arrive Time:
Eva W P4depart Time:
Waypoint Four Finding:
Waypoint Five Easting:
Waypoint Five Northing:
Waypoint Five Arrive Time:
Waypoint Five Depart Time:
Waypoint Five Findings: