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Officer Poulet to CapCom and to Coordinator Orenstein.

The heater has been running until 9:00 at 1500W and I turned it back at 17:30 but the temperature still went in the 90s around noon.

The pump is operating normally.
I transplanted the snap peas I planted on Thursday into the big pots.

Things to know for crew 136: 
- the carrots did not germinate after a week yet in neither "my greenhouse" nor in the big pots. They will likely have to regerminate them or try another pack of seeds (in which case they will have to buy it on their way since there is just one carrot seeds bag here and it's the one I used). Otherwise I could re-germinate a couple of carrot seeds.
- plants can now be covered at 6pm instead of 5pm because it is quite warm outside and the sun is staying longer.
- turn down the heater before 9am if possible when sunny day in the upper 50s forecasted.
- I have kept 2 sweet peppers and one lettuce crop "for fun". They are in separate pots so they can take care of them if they wish and if you agree. Otherwise I will just dump them.

I have already prepared an update on the procedures written by Officer Musilova. I will send the document along tomorrow if that is ok.

I won't continue my experiment with lettuces under LED light, that would be too much work for the greenhab officer of crew 136. However I will leave a sheet where I will ask them to record the time they spent taking care of plants, if that is ok.

Greenhab readings for 5:30PM today are as follows:
                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature     72 Degrees F  43 Degrees F 91 Degrees F   
Humidity           16%                  12%                 20%
Greenhab readings at 9am today were as follows:
 Meter            0.58 KwH
Duration        15h59 min  
Best regards,
Officer Poulet