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Olivier Gobert
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The aim of the EVA was to find a good area for the UV-mineral project. And to start the collecting of sample of minerals.
The EVA started at 10:00am. The first kilometer of the road was the same as yesterday's EVA. Once off the beaten paths, we continued following the GPS to the seeking area. On our way, we crossed a flat zone with a lot of small dry streambeds. Some mineral samples were collected and indexed there. The point targeted by the GPS led us to the top of a hill, too risky to climb. After getting around the obstacle, we found the lake we were looking for. This lake is small (10 meter wide) and seems to be the remainder of an ancient and bigger lake. This area seems to be a great spot for the collection of minerals but the lack of time for the EVA forced us to return to the Hab. We will return to this zone in future EVAs. The return went well without incident. The EVA ended at 12:15 am.
Eva Depart Time:
 10:00 am
Check In Time One:

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Check In Note Two:

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Eva Return Time:
 12:15 am
Wp1 E:
Wp1 N:
Waypoint1arrive Time:
 11:10 am
Eva W P1depart Time:
 11:30 am
Wp1 Find:
 a small lake (10m diameter) seems to be the remaining of an ancient bigger lake
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Wp2 N:

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Wp2 Find:

Wp3 E:

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Eva W P3arrive Time:

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Wp3 Find:

Wp4 E:

Wp4 N:

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Waypoint Four Finding:

Waypoint Five Easting:

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