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GreenHab Report
Benoit Pairet

The heater has been running: 6PM - 9AM 1500W (I put it at 750W for tonight)

The pump is operating normally and the hydroponic tank water is empty (see below*)

I did not have much time in the GreenHab today because we had planned an EVA this morning and we had a meeting for pre-briefing in Hanksville with Mrs Rupert. But I did water all the plants. The hydroponics reservoir is empty, I wanted to fill it but it is written in the protocol that you should give me the concentrations for each nutrient. It would be great if you could give me that info tonight so I can fill it up and the nutrients and water can mix during the night.
Otherwise, the plants are still growing all right. I did not take pictures today since I did not have enough time, I'll did tomorrow.
As you can see below, the minimum temperature went to 43°F during the night. Since I put the heater on half power, it might get even colder tonight, is it a problem?
Another thing: I did not find the seeding book described in the GreenHab protocol, can you tell me where it is supposed to be? I asked Officer Poulet but she did not know.
I also had an idea about a small experiment that I could perform. There are two buckets of radish and two of snappeas that are in the same level of growth. I thought that I could place a bucket of each under the LED light that Officer Poulet let in the GreenHab and I could observe how the lighting influence the process of growth for both vegetables. What do you think about it?

The bucket under the hydro tank was [level] and [any transfer amount]

Greenhab readings for 6PM today are as follows: (At 6PM because we were meeting with Mrs Rupert and then not in the base at 5)
                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature         43 F           59 F              97 F
Humidity              11 %           11%                  20%

Greenhab readings at 9am today were as follows:

Meter           0.33  KwH
Duration        16h10min