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Journalist Report
Quentin Cappart

Let's begin this report by completing the activities done the day before. After the supper, Corentin
and Benoīt went to the MUSK observatory to observe the sky. The goal was to find and to take photos
of two supernovas, Jupiter and some constellations. During this time, the rest of the crew stayed on
the Hab, everyone with a particular activity.

After a good night of rest, we began the day with a gymnastic (It's important to stay in good shape
!). After it, we took quickly our breakfast (Hint : the powder milk is better with chocolate !) to
prepare ourself for the EVA of the day. Indeed, Olivier and me had to go outside to find some
minerals for our geology project. Thibaud and Benoīt came with us for helping and taking some
photos. The main goal of this EVA was to reach a small lake where some rocks and minerals can be
found. We took approximatively one hour to reach the area and to find the lake (hidden by an hill,
it was not so easy to find it !). During this EVA, we find a lot of interesting stones and minerals.
At a first sight, a lot of them seems to be Fluorite but we will analyze them later in the lab.
During this time, Gatien and Corentin stayed at the Hab. In one hand, Corentin began the analysis of
the photos that he took the last night with Benoīt. And in the other hand, Gatien made a technical
maintenance of the station.

In the afternoon, we had a contact with Shannon Rupert to have more information about the mission
and the life on Mars. So from now, we are completely ready to achieve the mission !