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Commander Report
Corentin Liber

Last night was beneficial to this crew, most of us weren't feeling too good yesterday in the evening
but a night of good sleep put everyone back in shape.  We couldn't observe the sky last night due to
bad weather conditions.

This morning begun with a short work up before going back to our experiments.  The geologist worked
on some of his sample using a spectrometer and the engineer team begun the construction of the
balloon.  We also did some maintenance work on the lamps between the Hab and Musk Observatory.

An EVA was planned in the afternoon but the team aborted the EVA after 20 minutes because of the
weather condition.  The wind was too strong for most of the outside activities planned and rendered
communications really difficult between the Hab and EVA team.  We then changed our schedule and
worked on the data already collected for the streambed project and prepared for the observation this