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Commander Report
Corentin Liber

We tried to use the Musk Observatory last night as the sky was really clear and the moonrise later
in the night.  The problem we encountered was the strong wind and we feared for the security of the
equipment.  We decided to call it a night after less than 30 minutes and headed back to the Hab
without the good results we were expecting.
The wind was so strong when we went back to the Hab that the door of the front airlock could be open
by the wind alone.  To be safe and protect it from damaging itself, we took the decision to secure
it from the outside with the chain.
The night was also troubled by mouses.  Indeed, we heard several of them in the walls and perhaps in
the food reserve.  We checked it in the morning but nothing was found eaten.

This morning, we begun as usual with a little workout before breakfast.  We then worked individually
on our experiments.  The only picture from the night was processed but the result wasn't much as
expected.  The construction of the balloon continued as well as the testing of the captors.

An EVA took place in the afternoon to collect the second half of the data needed in the main
streambed and the geologist team then headed to his collecting area a little further to the north.
Our engineer finished the reparation of the lights between the Hab and the Musk Observatory and put
them back in place.

We'll try again to use the Observatory tonight as the sky is still clear and the wind went down by a
lot.  If the weather stays favorable, we'll spend a lot of time imaging tonight.