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Commander Report
Corentin Liber

We had a long observation session last night and the rest of the crew also worked quite late so we
decided to skip breakfast to sleep a little longer and have a brunch instead. 

We then worked on our pictures from the night and tried some news processing methods.  We also
continued to implement some new data for the streambed project and advanced in the mapping of the area.

Most of the day was used to test our data and equipment for all our experiments to be able to
prepare efficiently for the next EVA's.

We plan to go out again for a long observation session tonight.


CommanderCheckIn Report
Thibaud Herriau

Crew Physical Health:
All are fine and in great shape.
Today's day of rest, with no EVA, was very welcome after yesterday's
observation night at MUSK.
We took the time to cook pancakes this morning, rendered sky images from
yesterday night and everyone worked on his projects: the modeling of the
streambeds, the building of the balloon's valve and georeferencing of the
collected mineral samples.

Hab Maint:
Rep Sched:
Tomorrow Plan:
We'll work on our different project like we did today.
Support Req:
1) Could you ack you received our video and the corresponding notification

Also, were you able to read the video file and could you hear the
If you wish so, we can also upload it in full definition (400 Megabytes
Could you tell us what the best time is to do so, to have the best
(fastest) internet connection?

2a) Would it be possible to add a link to our website on
http://mdrs.marssociety.org/ ?
Its URL is www.mdrs-ucl.be

2b) There is a small error on our biography page:
Thibaud's family name is "Herriau" (and not hArriau).

Thanks! :)

3) The mouse trap we found seems effective: Stubbor number 3 was vaporized
this morning.
Note: this one seems to be no mouse, but a rat.