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Journalist Report
Quentin Cappart

Day 9 on Mars and crew 136 is tired !

Yes, we are tired today ! Because the two previous days were more intense than usual, because it's
Sunday, because we stayed awake late yesterday night for the sky observation and because we all
wanted it, we decided to take our first day of rest. So program of the day : no EVA, no stress, just
having rest, doing personal stuff and working quietly on our projects.

We began this day with a nice Pancakes breakfast ! Certainly the best and the most copious one of
all our stay on Mars. After, all of us did various things. Some of us worked for the university
course, some took a nap and the lasts watched movies. Speaking about movies, I'm forced to advice
two that we have seen : “Space female invader” and “Singh is kinng”. The first one is a
“science-fiction” movie. Nobody can stay indifferent with the special effects (special mention to
the “attack of the giant” scene), the scenario, the dialogues and the actor play. Concerning “Singh
is is kinng”, it's a Bollywood with epic songs and dances, specially the first one.

We used this more relax day to make housework and after during the night we'll probably work on the
geology project and use the telescope if the sky is not too cloudy. So even today, we try to do some
productive things. :)

And as usual let's finish with a mice story ! Today, we found another mouse ! But this time, it's
not Benoît that caught it but one of our traps. It's the third one that we found in the station, how
many more will we find ?