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Journalist Report
Quentin Cappart

Day 10 on Mars and crew 136 worked all the night !

Yes all the night ! Not at the same time, but during all the night there were some of us that stayed
awake to work on the projects. Indeed, Corentin and Benoît wanted to observe the sky in another time
slot than usual. So instead of observing in the early night, they decided to observe the sky from
02:00am to 06:30am ! Before their observation, they slept while Olivier and Quentin worked on the
geology project. For this project, they analysed the samples taken two days ago. The purpose of this
analysis is to determine the composition of the soil at different areas of Mars. Until now, the
majority of the samples taken don't have a noticeable composition. However, some of them contains
quartz and calcite. We'll continue this project by repeating this process with a collection of
samples coming from a different area.

Concerning the balloon project, as planned the launching will be done tomorrow ! So today, Gatien
and Thibaud made the last checks to be sure that everything is operational. We are all impatient
about the launching !

Apart from that, we had a problem in the station. Indeed, we lose during many hours the connection
with the earth. Apparently it's a problem of transmission from our station to the satellite.
Fortunately, during this time we didn't have any problem.