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GreenHab Report
Benoit Pairet

I found the multi-plug off this morning. So the heater and the pump did not work during the night. I am confused cause I did place the heater and I am quite sure I plugged it in.

One of the wellspring of the hydroponic does not deliver any water, what should I do? The hydroponic tank water is 1cm above the pump. I am planning to fill it tomorrow.

I performed a pH measurement of the hydroponic tank, it read 7.27 .
I did not find out how to calibrate the EC, I took a measurement of tap water and water in the tank, it gave:
tap water : 282 ppm
water in the tank : 879 ppm
I don't know if you can find out anything with that but it was worth the shot.

There is an issue with lettuce on the hydroponic, the leaves seem to be eaten by something during the night. I have never seen any insects or snails in the GreenHab, what could it be?

I attached some pics of the hydroponics and the lettuce leaves.

The bucket under the hydro tank was 3.2 quarter and no transfer today

Greenhab readings for 5PM today are as follows:
                         Current             Min                 Max
Temperature                 70 F             30 F         104 F
Humidity                    17 %             9 %                  23 %

Greenhab readings at 9am today were as follows:

Meter            no data
Duration         no data